Thursday, February 2, 2012

Like a boss..

Hey it has been a while since i posted a proper post. Well i have been tweeting (like a boss) Because i am trying to get back my followers, which i had lost. It is quite boring on twitter, but it depends on who you follow.

I had just watched the new episode of Glee. It was okay..Rachel is now engaged. Which is kind of dumb because she has so much to give to the world, and has the rest of her life to get married, which got me frustrated. The glee cast is getting Their inner Micheal Jackson on.. therefore; AWESOME!

My dad just came home and gave me some Canadian tire money and these excel mixed berry mints. Yummy :)

Today i was supposed to pick up my exam reports..but i was too scared to see my math. I'll wait until i get the report. Tomorrow is when next semester starts, i have science first period, then gym, lunch, English and careers.

I have been listening to K-pop like SNSD and how they went on the David lettermen show, and Live! With kelly. I have been also listening to EXO they seem very cool. And this new rookie group called B.A.P and their new song Warrior. Great song! Ans SHINee and coming back with an album! HORRAAY!

I think my life has got a little depressing, like my friends are really into drama and it gets me so mad! Like i don't wanna get involved.

I know i am going from topic to topic randomly, but that is kind of how it works. WISH YOU ALL A GREAT DAY! PEACE! :)


Anonymous said...
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nellana said...

Lol thanks : )