Sunday, June 12, 2011

I don't know what to call this..

I am heard such a very true saying and it was very sweet!

Your heart is on the left, but it's always right.

I have been hearing a lot of funny, romantic sad status and i have been posting them up a lot these past few weeks because i want others to find your status and go "aww" or "so true" and think about it.

well..anyways I had saw the new trailer for "Harry Potter" part 2 and i really want to see it! I had posted the trailer up and it is below..

I have to go shopping today because i have to go to this family event so i need so new cloths, so i am going shopping today! My other friend is going to a wedding today, and i hope she has FUN! =]

I have posted a lot today.. 

I have been watching more T.V. and yea not a lot to say ..

well BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =]

"Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 2" TV Spot #2

Never Ending Rain
You had to go and that is understood.
Things just weren't right here for you.
The feeling you have given me
Has left me alone, standing alone.
I'm almost certain that you can see.

During your absence it has given me time
To think of ways I can escape this.
To run away from the pain.
Nothing ever seems to work
It's almost like a never ending rain.

With you there and me here standing alone
I worry for the day to come
The day when we are further apart
You won't be there in the coming year,
To help me through things, but you will be in my heart.

There is also a fear of being detached,
Of being separate for so long.
We have progressed through the years.
The times we have shared merely brightened my day
And now all I can do is shed the tears.

The hurt that I am feeling right now,
I know that you can feel it inside.
But I want you to remember that once its through,
You will always be my big brother,
Someone whom I will forever look up to.

Jack Sparrow (feat. Michael Bolton)