Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Sean Paul Temperature With Lyrics by Lyricscentral1

tell me if you guys like the header or not, or you want the old version back! If you liked the old version i will change it back!

so yea...not a lot to say but...

BYE!!!!!!!!!!! =]

'Hanna' Trailer HD

one LONG story, so today i was wanting to make a header for my blog, to change my blog and make it look more i did, i had made a header as you can see above, it took a long time to make! I had to change everything on my blog to make my header look good with things on my i changed my background, changed the font and so much more..but i the end i didn't really like it because i didn't know if my viewers would like it too! =[ so.. i stopped and i had to change everything back..WHICH TOOK EVEN LONGER!!!!!!!!!!! ..BUT THEN! I changed it up again and i have a new one..

SO...comment below and tell me if u like it..or u don't! =]