Friday, December 23, 2011

You are YOU!

We all have some sort of power in us, it could be small or big, or come in different packages. Example; the earth. It's power is the bold thunder and lightning, which can make a huge statement. It turns the sky from darkness into light, even for a second, and it's roar is breathe taking.

We have that in us, some of us are too shy to let that "wild side" out of us. Some stay hiding behind books and have "bad self-confidence" to speak out and make a scene. Well.. we all have confidence, it is in there , somewhere. You gotta find it. It may come from the way to walk, talk, draw, sing, whatever.. it can come from your face too, or not. but you have to know it's in there. 

Men normally don't like girls who wear make-up, saying "why would you put that gunk on your face". But there is a reason. It's a boost of confidence! Knowing that your blemishes are covered, your lips are covered in gloss, so the light hits it perfectly, your eyes are shimmering from that baby blue eye shadow. It makes you look beautiful, but underneath that layer of "artificial beauty" there is you, just you. YOUR BEAUTIFUL SELF! 

People may look at you and already have first impressions of you. They may think she/he is bad, doesn't seem fun or seems like ...whatever. It is what you think of yourself. Don't let people be the judge of the show, you are the show. Without you, the show cannot go forward, and become a  MASTER PIECE! Here is something interesting.... Strangers could be looking at this young girl who is 16 teen and is pregnant, normally you would think; "what a slut", but you have no clue where she has been. She could have gotten raped, maybe was the top of her class, smart, had loads to give to the world and was raped, and her life had turned into hell.  People may know you as the person who always study's, who always puts school over fun, but when you are in the shower and have that crazy annoying tune stuck in your head, you become a rock-star!  Singing and waving to your shampoo like it's your biggest fan! People say; you let out your true self in the shower. I can back that statement up real easy. :)

Is it bad to dream big! NO! If you wanna be a rock-star, go for it! Don't think about the odds! If you love it, it shouldn't be even called work! You may or may not wanna be that person who always calls you at the worst times asking you if you wanna buy this dishwasher. Those people sit behind desks, talking to a person they have never met in there life, every day it's something new, a new person but same old routine.

Lets talk about strength! STRENGTH! We all got it in our muscles, but what i am talking about is what flows through our soul and heart Or even from family or friends. It can come out through our fists and through our words, i am the wordy type in this case. I am honestly do get nervous to ask questions, and to speak in front of people. But when the time comes i shine like a shooting start, we all have our moments in life. We also may think how crying is a way of showing our weakness, but to me have been too strong for too long. Its a nice way of looking at.

The people who read this, inspire me to write here. I have confidence on the way i write now, you guys make me feel wanted in this big world. Thank you. I hope this brings you confidence!

Here is anther cute picture! There is a whole world out there for you and me!

KEEP ON READING! I'll post a music video which inspired me to write this!

Saturday, December 17, 2011


Bro's over hoe's. WAIT, Chicks over dicks.

(BLANK) riding ponies, needs more quarters.

 Gotta get down on Friday, but everyday i am shuffling.

A smile is what it takes.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Ben Barnes.. :)

As you may or may not know, i am a tamil, but i have light skin. If people ask me
"oh, what's your background?" And i will respond ; "I'm tamil" and this is always their reaction; "OH MY GOD YOUR TAMIL?!?!?, I SWEAR YOUR INDIAN OR SOMETHING??" like, really?!?? is this really necessarily!
Anyway, i am sick.. with a damn runny nose! I can't even swallow! =[
The bright side i am done my geography essay! & watching Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader! Ben Barnes, you are handsome! MY KNIGHT IN SHINNING ARMOUR!

His stair is so ..*&$^*))***&%()*$## LIKE OH MY GOD!

You cannot describe how pretty he is!



I know your melting! <3
(tilt your head to the right and there is a heart, OMG)

Well my friend told she wanted to come over, but i wouldn't hold my breathe! Just saying.. she has that habit of breaking promises. AND! THE WORST MEMORY IN THE WORLD!! I NEVER!!!! yea.. but i she still rocks! :)