Sunday, June 12, 2011

I don't know what to call this..

I am heard such a very true saying and it was very sweet!

Your heart is on the left, but it's always right.

I have been hearing a lot of funny, romantic sad status and i have been posting them up a lot these past few weeks because i want others to find your status and go "aww" or "so true" and think about it.

well..anyways I had saw the new trailer for "Harry Potter" part 2 and i really want to see it! I had posted the trailer up and it is below..

I have to go shopping today because i have to go to this family event so i need so new cloths, so i am going shopping today! My other friend is going to a wedding today, and i hope she has FUN! =]

I have posted a lot today.. 

I have been watching more T.V. and yea not a lot to say ..

well BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =]

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