Sunday, June 5, 2011

The taste of FREEDOM taste's good!

I am out of lock down from my room and now i can finally taste freedom!! (fantastic)

I am just bored talking to friends and also watching a little T.V.  I am watching this awesome movie series that a lot of people know.. "Bad Boys" and "Bad Boys 2" , love the first and the second!!!

I love watching movies, they are the best. I am very tired and i am not so happy because there is school tomorrow and i don't want to go to school, i really DO NOT want to deal with problems and drama! At school people are telling things to your face now, instead of talking behind your back. Since school is going to be  over really soon, people are letting out their feeling they had on others. Saying things they wanted to say for years and all that's doing is causing the worst days of school instead of the best.

I have not been doing that because these are the last days of elementary school and i am off to high school so i need these few days to be great, and make sure my name is not involved in any situations...but maybe i could have some last words for people i wanted to punch to the ground...MAYBE :) but i shouldn't =]

I have been posting more video's now and hoping to get more viewers and even more followers because i don't have a  lot.


Here is the link if you want to share this to friends.


SO YEA....

BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =]  keep on reading and following me! thanks =]

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