Sunday, May 22, 2011

 HEY, i am just T.V. is not working right now so i am bored! I am meeting up at my friends house to work on the music project and studying for the math quiz.

I didn't even know this but people thought the world was going to end yesterday, which was WRONG! The weather here in Canada was so NICE yesterday! I LOVED IT!

People also say how the world will end by 2012 which is also a bad guess. However there has been some major accidents happening around the world like Haiti and Japan, there have been floods earthquakes.. but i still don't think the world is going to end by 2012.  BUT anything is possible but the chance of that happening is very VERY low.

OH i found out how to make a fancy smiley face! 

I have been listening to a song called "Blame it on the Alcohol" but the glee version.

BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =]


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