Monday, May 16, 2011

I am graduating in 1 month.

Saying goodbye to my friends and peers is never easy, but there is always Facebook and instant messengers.THUS I don't believe that goodbye is permanent, .

 years of hard work in this school though bad and from worse, drama to friendship..I learned a lot of wired stuff here and things that will help me become something that i would like to be.  it has been a  long time since i looked back at my memories. I had no clue i had so many here and i will miss the people who had created them with me. indeed, but looking back, it is just like yesterday. There maybe some tasks I failed to finish, or debt that someone still owe me, but it is done. Period. I am getting the **** out of here, and never turning back to see some people i will never want to bump into in the future *cough cough*, you know who you are (jerks). The feeling of a small amount of freedom is so much better, not knowing that someone is peeking though the window watching My every move is GREAT!!!! My  freedom i am describing is just understatement.

Many said that high school life is the worst, but praying it won't be..which it will. =]

I am ready, but also knowing how i am in high school, four more years university will begin and they starting point of life begins..which is scary knowing how i am so close to paying taxes and so much things.

well..Cheerios you bastards for the people who can go **** themselves BYE, it has been fun. Have a good lives y'all.


Goodbye stupidity and hello HIGH SCHOOL!!!!!! =]

BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =]

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