Saturday, April 30, 2011

My friends are here and we are having FUN but we are not going outside, the weather is warm and wonderful and everything, but we are not going outside today...well maybe.

So we are just talking about random stuff, about life and random stuff. We are talking and joking around and everything. My friend is kind of weird because she always brings her bumble bee slippers into my home. 
Its is very funny =]

My friend still hasn't got her grad dress and she is talking about it. She is is the type of person who always makes the worst things into jokes. My friends are really wired but with different personalities.


I am just typing away on my laptop, writing to you guys and wondering if you all like my background!



1 comment:

Rebecca said...

Make jokes on the worst things phhhhstt. >:l

WE'RE NOT THE ONLY WEIRD ONES you freak of nature. >_>