Monday, March 21, 2011

OMG crazy day today! there is a fight happening today! 2 girls VS 1 girl ..UNFAIR really.
well.i wanted to go see it after i was walking there because I thought my mom was out of the house so..i left but after that thought and i took one step ..all you hear my MOM YELLING AT THE TOPS OF HER LUNGS! saying "GET BACK INSIDE"! and then ....i went home =[

missed an awesome fight which would have been cool to see....I'll tell you guys later who won!!!!!!

well...I am back in school =[ and today is the first day of SPRING YEA!


I ma having alot of breakouts which is SO ANNOYING! TODAY I am being bored and hoping on having a good week so far....and making sure I have a great couple of months before graduation...and have FUN!


OHHH YEAS i am doing math homework! which sucks! CAN'T wait to go to me dream school with me best Friend in the world and waiting on hearing who won the fight..but it's not a hard guess who won...2 against 1 not so hard! =]

so yea...

BYEZZZ!!!!!!!!!!! =]

P.S. (I told you my post will have more details after March break!)

                      STAY IN SCHOOL!!!!!!

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