Wednesday, February 2, 2011

life is COOL

 NO SCHOOL TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! there has been called for a big snow storm, which they say will give us 30cm of snow!!!!!!!!!!! which is exciting the school has been closed , no work today or master T .....    YEA!!!!!
there has been new things happening in my life ... i am doing talent show, back stage help...i know what you are thinking ...u should be performing and showing off my talent.... but i have real bad stage frights so i don't think so LOL ...and my class will be going to a field trip to see this awesome play downtown..which will be cool!!!!!!!!!!
and i have been doing reading with kids..which is when i read with kids to help them become better readers =] i do it on Monday's & Wednesday's.

well.....BYEZZ!!!!!!!!! =]   thats all so far!!!!! KEEP ON READING ( comment & follow )

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