Tuesday, January 11, 2011


soo hey guys i havent been posting that much ..but i have been posting music lol
anywayz my gandmomter had died and we hads to burn her and everthing it was sad...=[ i hope she is in a better placewe threew her ashes somwhere by the lakes

anywayzzz i have been still VERY BUSY!!!! and doing work and yeah....we had a french test today and i think i did ..okay but when i get my results back i will tell u what i got =]  anywayzz

see yaa =] byezzz


Anonymous said...
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nellana said...

no, I don't really like to my bet my money on online websites, but if I were you, I would go to a real casino and play. =]

Anonymous said...

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nellana said...

Well i am really sorry about that, =[

I am not good with computers so i can't really offer you any advice about it.