Monday, January 17, 2011

heyy guys i had anther math test was really easy thank god i didn't study lol i have been doing alot of work trying to catch up on it. freaking out because of science fair !!!!!!!! (nervous)
we been having cookies sales at my school and also hot chocolate!! it is freezing outside ..can't feel my legs (Burr)  i have been going to places applying to other schools..thinking about my future and whats good for me.
i really hope u guys keep on checking out my blog...COMMENT AND FOLLOW =]

right now watching the sunset, really pretty! also i have been reading more books..which is wried and watching alot of old new movies! like; "Sound of Music", "New Moon" and much more........

later i will post some more NEW music up and movie trailer's!! and even more stuff about me....

OOH i will be posting up advice on problems if u need some help or u can relate to or something....

also you guys gotta keep on reading my blog and checking out the details and whats going on in my life ..FOLLOW AND COMMENT!! PLZZZ



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